9 Competencies that Will Boost Your Employability


This post outlines the essential professional credentials for enhancing your employability, including communication, critical thinking, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, innovation, problem solving, professional ethics, self-management, and teamwork. Subsequent posts will suggest how to develop these credentials, emphasising the skills, and competencies that will enable your success in employment.


Tannen (1995) argues that communication is more than outlining the meaning of what you say. According to the the author’s opinion it is very important how you say it, i.e., linguistic style used in your conversation.

Weeks (2001) emphasises that communication is stressful and emotional, including embarassement, confusion, anger, panic, and sometimes fear. Therefore, if you want to be successful in communication you need to prepare for the elimination of stress before starting the conversation. A very useful method is autogenic training.

Recommended Action: Read the How to Speak Effectively Anywhere Book.

Critical Thinking

According to Al-Ghadouni (2021), critical thinking is part of the thinking process that involves evaluation and judgment, with a focus on mental processes. The components of critical thinking include knowledge, believes, external events, personal character, and feelings. The skills would include distinguishing between variable facts, information, and values, assessing the accuracy of facts, knwing assumptions and inconsistencies, and seeing the consequences of the future solutions and decisions. Lastly, there is a need to outline the strategies of critical thinking, including thinking in logical ways, collecting plenty of data about the subject of critical thinking, and coming up with several proposals of outcomes.

Recommended Action: Read Critical Thinking & Logic Mastery Book.

Digital Literacy

According to Grefen (2021), digital literacy means a person’s ability to use digital devices, including computers, spartphones, and tablets. The ability includes digital dexterity, digital proficiency, and digital awareness. Digital dexterity is related to operation of the digital devices. Digital proficiency means the level of complexity a person can use to operate a digital device. Digital awareness is how people understand their place within digital systems, including opportunities and threats.

Recommended Action: Read the Digital Literacy Book.

Emotional Intelligence

You must be aware of the the emotional Intelligence competencies, especially when you work in a team. Koman and Wolff (2008) asserted that the team leader’s level of emotional intelligence is directly related to the level of emotional intelligence of the team’s members, and hence this determine the team performance. Emotional intelligence is defined by the following variables: individual in the team, individual awareness of their emotions, individual awareness of the team members’ emotions, and ability of the individual and the team to control their emotions.

Recommended action: Read the Connect through Emotional Intelligence Book.


Diaz Duarte (2022) outlines the role of innovation in products, innovation in processes, and innovation in management systems, showing the relationship between individuals and innovation results. Therefore, an individual should be able to innovate or assist the team in the process of innovation. According to Diaz Duarte (2022), people should contribute to the enhancement of innovation for the businesses to be able to stay in the market, and create competitiveness. In his view, Innovation means creation or improve a product, process, or system.

Recommended action: Read the Think Innovation Book.

Problem Solving

In a business, whatever is your position you need to be a problem solver. However, the problem solving, at business level, is the domain of managers and/or leaders. Zaleznik (1992) discusses several aspects of problem solving using the competencies of managers and leaders. According to Zaleznik (1992), the manager is the best problem solver, i.e., they are looking for problems to be solved. This is their job. By comparison with managers, leaders are there to direct affairs in the problem solving domain.

Recommended action: Read the Bulletproof Problem Solving Book.

Professional Ethics

According to Brinkmann (2002), Ethics are defined as a domain where facts can be right and/or wrong. Hence, there could be professional conflicts between parties. The author, also define morality as being a pattern of thought and action. As an example, marketing ethics outlines marketing, and its morality, including unsafe products, deceptive pricing, deceptive advertising, and discrimination in distribution. To solve these negative patterns, one should implement specific actions.

Recommended Action: Read the Professional Ethics workbook.


Self-management is one of the skills of emotional intelligence. It is also expressed as self-control or self-regulation. Acording to Koman and Wolff (2008), the self-management cluster of the emotional intelligence includes the competencies of self-confidence, emotional self-control, transparency, adaptability, achievement orientation, initiative, and optimism.

Recommended Action: Read The Practice of Self-Management handbook.


Jankelova, Joniakova and Prochazkova (2022) outline that a diverse workforce working in a team environment represent an intangible capital of businesses. They found that there was a dependence encompassing diversity management and the teamwork climate. Moreover, they show that the teamwork climate has a supportive effect on the job satisfaction, and the employees turnover in the business, positively influencing the competitiveness of the business.

Recommended action: Read “Teamwork: how to build a high-performance team” book.


This blog post outlined the essential professional credentials for enhancing your employability, including communication, critical thinking, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, innovation, problem solving, professional ethics, self-management, and teamwork. I believe that you need to know more than I provided in the paragraphs above. Therefore, the handbooks I recommended at the end of each paragraph above would be necessary for you to have, either on your laptop or in your bookcase. Moreover, you may want to read all the references shown below under the references section. Please note that the competencies outlined above would assist you to obtain your desired job position.


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