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Hello! I'm James Paul and I am very happy to meet you. I am a professional coach, therapist, mentor, counsellor, leader, manager, and project manager. I have more than 30-years of work experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Thought Field Therapy, Autogenic Training and Therapy, Leadership, Management, Project Management, Scheduling, Personal Development, Reiki, Training, and Teaching. Additionally, I am highly qualified, including academic qualifications, and professional certifications. In addition to my vast work experience I have a wide range of academic qualifications, and certifications, including Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master of Business, Master of Project Management, Master of Information Technology & Communication, Master of Business Coaching, Diploma of Stress Management, Diploma of Psychology, Diploma of Weight Loss, Certification in CELTA English Teaching, Diploma in Autogenic Training, Associate Diploma in Education and Training, Certified NLP Trainer, Certified TimeLine Therapy Trainer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certificate in Thought Field Therapy, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Leadership Practitioner, Graduate Coach U Certified, Accredited Executive Coach, and Professional Certified Coach. I am a full member of several professional associations, including the International Coaching Federation, Project Management Institute, Institute of Training & Development, Australian Traditional Medicine Society, International Association of Therapists, Australian Computer Society, Australian Graduate School of Leadership, and International Mentoring Association.

How to Enable Problem Solving Systematically

The first step of the process is to identify the problem. The next step is to brainstorm possible solutions and then choose the best one. This can be done by evaluating each solution, and weighing its benefits and drawbacks. The third step is to implement the chosen solution. The final step is to evaluate project progress and see if you need any more help with this problem in the future. This Post enables problem solving systematically!

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What Digital Literacy Skills are Important in Society?

This post outlines the use of your digital literacy skills in your employment or studies. Any professional needs to have digital literacy competency to compete and survive in any business today. Digital literacy skills are critical for our society. I will put an emphasis on digital literacy definition, digital literacy skills, and the benefits of developing your digital literacy skills.

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How to Use Your Critical Thinking

This post outlines the use of critical thinking for empowering us. This is done by going in our past and see our mistakes, and learn how to improve our abilities to avoid these mistakes in the future, utilise opportunities that comes to us, find solutions to problems by determining the causes of problems, and create new outcomes in business. One immediate consequence of the application of critical thinking is knowing how to overcome life and business challenges.

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How to Use Your Communication Competency

This post outlines the use of spoken, written, and relational communication to report, influence, and produce transformation. Deakin University emphasises the fact that communication is a fundamental skill, used very frequently in diverse situations, including engaging people, sharing ideas, and building understanding.

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9 Competencies that Will Boost Your Employability

This post outlines the essential professional credentials for enhancing your employability, including communication, critical thinking, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, innovation, problem solving, professional ethics, self-management, and teamwork. Subsequent posts will suggest how to develop these credentials, emphasising the skills, and competencies that will enable your success in employment.

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