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MarketingSolved Programs

These programs incorporate more than 30 marketing online training classes and networks, including PowerPlayers, Pinfunnels, PINterestCrashCourse, Social Media Selling System, Graphic Design Boss, Leads For a Lifetime, Launch Your YouTube Masterclass, Quick Start Your Sales, Social Media Business Bundle, Rock Solid Business Foundations, and the Ultimate Social Media Training Program.

Graphic Design Boss

Mastering this program will enable you to create high-quality images and pictures that will contribute to having a high-quality presence online. You will learn how to edit your images and creating stunning photos in a matter of seconds using free apps and the right tweaks.

Launch Your YouTube Masterclass

This masterclass will teach you how to enhance monetizing your YouTube videos to unleash a flood of new followers, leads, and sales into your business.
You will also access the secret strategy for driving thousands of free views to your videos.

Leads For a Lifetime

This program will give you a deep understanding of lead generation skills that will enable you to double your results.  You will access a magic formula for deploying a Lead Generation Strategy, and will learn the secrets of optimizing your content.


Using this program, you will discover an amazing formula that, when applied, will enable you to get a massive number of qualified visitors to your website.
This will allow you to triple your leads and subscribers, and skyrocket your Sales.


This online training will give you the knowledge to flood your website, and business with a flood of clicks, leads, and sales. The program will be the generator of your traffic, sales, buyers, and low-cost advertising.


Power Players is a network of entrepreneurs available for you to enhance your power of knowledge, including business, mindset, and marketing in order to get incredible results in your business.

Quick Start Your Sales

During this program, you will learn how to set up a quick, and simple sales funnel for low-cost products. You will get a workbook and lifetime access to this training.

Rock Solid Business Foundations

This class teaches you how to build your business with a very strong foundation, including goal setting and planning, setting up products and services, marketing options, graphic design, and analytics.

Social Media Business Bundle

This deal includes several items, including building a social media business, marketing an organic social media, copywriting on social media, Facebook marketing tips and strategies, Pinterest marketing for profits, Twitter marketing basics, and social media ad strategies.

Social Media Selling System

This program will teach you how to sell on selected social media platforms.

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