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This landing page offers you several health & wellness products, including Collagen Peptides, Dentitox, Memo Surge, Perform, Blood Pressure Monitor, and Smart Blood Sugar. Please see descriptions below.

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Collagen Peptides

This supplement may be vital for your health, including joints, bones, skins, and nails.
It will make you look radiant & youthful, and potent & powerful, according to the
Sport Research business.


The Official DentitoxPro drops provide the best benefits for your gum and teeth.


MemoSurge addresses the real root cause of your memory loss in an extremely safe and natural way.

mend™ Perform

This product offers joint support formula, alleviating pain, promoting speedy recovery by promoting an increase of muscle strength, increase motion, boosting energy, and supporting natural sleep.

Omron Hem-7121 Blood Pressure Monitor

This monitor is a fully automated device used to measure blood pressure at home.

Smart Blood Sugar

This is Dr Marlene Merritt system that is a 100% natural “Diabetes Reversal Recipe.
This system enables you to enjoy the food you and your body crave… food that flips your blood sugar “switch” back ON… so your body quickly and efficiently burns up all the sugar in your blood stream… like striking a match to gasoline!


This product provides support for several body systems and functions, including the immune system, glucose metabolism, i.e., weight loss, detoxification, gastrointestinal functions, and may improve your heart health.

Autogenic Training: A Mind-Body Approach

Autogenic Training is a psychophysiological method of therapy invented by Dr. J.H. Schultz.  The objectives and applications of Autogenic Training can be incorporated in a long list, including stress, the promotion of tolerable and healthy reactions of body and mind, elimination of intolerable and unhealthy results, achieving enhanced personal and social efficiency, rest and recuperation, self-relaxation, self-discipline, self-determination, increased motivation, changes of distressful memory programs, activation of healing mechanisms, elimination of negatively charged images, improvement of sleep, development of memory recall, self-analysis, and self-realization.



Autogenic Training: A Mind-Body Approach for Stress Management (Kindle edition)

This manual (Kindle format)  guides you to execute a set of mental exercises that may alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain, and improve sleep.



Autogenics 3.0: The New Way to Mindfulness and Meditation (Kindle edition)

The new way of mindfulness & meditation modality, initially developed by Dr. JH Schultz, and described in this manual, is based on medical research.
The practice of these mind exercises is conducive to the reduction of stress, anxiety, and pain alleviation. The manual is presented in Kindle format.



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