Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Privacy Policy.

The purpose of this policy is to describe what information my business collects from you, how we use this information, how we maintain this information, and how we disclose this information.

What information we collect from you.

Initially we collect your name and email address when you voluntarily subscribe to our email list. Same information is requested from you when you provide us with a comment on our blog posts. Also, same information is requested when you request something from us through an email.

We collect more information from you when you buy an item or a training course, including your full name, email address, credit / debit card number, or PayPal information. Additionally, we may request your phone number, and postal address when you enrol in a training course.

How we use the collected information.

We use the collected information to communicate with you for the improvement of our services, to inform you of any newsletter, to inform you of any new products and services, to personalise your experience, and to respond to your request for information.

Sharing your personal information

Your personal information is used by us for communicating with you only or with our payment organisations when you buy an item or enrol in a training course.  We will never sell, rent, or trade the collected information.

Maintenance of your collected information.

We will maintain your collected information through the communication exchange between you and us. However, please feel free to inform us of any changes that you want us to know.

How long we retain your collected information

We retain your comments indefinitely so that we can follow up with our responses back to you.

We retain your information when you buy a product from us. However, this information is stored in your account where you have access and therefore you can edit or delete that information if you wish so.

We also retain your information if you access our website for access to the courses you bought or to a membership area. However, we will delete your information when you finish accessing your bought products in three months after purchase or when you finish or cancel your membership.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We can update the provisions of this policy at any point in time when required. Please read this policy on my website to be current with any change. Obviously, you agree that being current with the provisions of the privacy policy is your responsibility and accountability.

Your acceptance of the Privacy Policy

You will prove your acknowledgement, acceptance and adherence to this policy when requesting us information through your email, by subscribing to our website, by commenting on our website, by purchasing an item from us, or by enrolling to our training courses. Therefore, we urge you to read this policy on our website any time when you initiate or take any actions related to the content of my websites.

In order for you to control your information provided to us, you have the following rights: (1) access your personal information provided to us at your request, (2) ensure accuracy of your personal information, (3) to request us the deletion of your personal information, (4) to restrict the processing of your personal information, and (5) to complain to an authority in your country of residence for any misuse of your personal information.

The above provisions will be applied to people residing in the European Economic Area (EEA, EU), as well as in any other country in the world.


For any questions and /or suggestions please send us an email to one of our business emails. I’ll do my best to come up with an answer within 24 hours.

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