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Ability Clinic, referred to as COMPANY, BUSINESS, WE, I, or US in this document, provides educational and informational products, as a public service only, including blog posts, online training courses, digital documents, and several services including coaching, mentoring, training, hypnotherapy, and therapies. All these products and services must not be taken as professional, medical advice, psychological, financial, legal advice, job advice, job offer, and/or tax advice. Please consider these as my personal opinions only that you may not follow.

The use of the term YOU must be taken as people who come in contact with me, my business and my websites, when reading my posts/articles, using my posts/articles, views my posts/articles, or participate in my training and/or as clients of mine during coaching, mentoring, training, hypnotherapy, and therapies sessions.

Please note that I reserve the right to change this document at any point in time without being able to inform you of these modifications. Purchasing my programs, products, and services represents your total acceptance of this policy, including any updates and modifications of the initial contents.

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions apply to the situations when you buy a product or a service from us, and for any time when using our website.

If you do not totally agree with the contents of this document then please do not access my website and do not purchase any products and services from us.


When you buy a product, such as a course, or a digital product, you must accept and agree that there is no any trying period after you pay for the product, and therefore there is no any refund.  However, at your request, we will give you a demonstration of 20 minutes for the working product before you buy it. Paying for the product, will demonstrate that you consented with the “no refunding clause”.

You will get access to the product for 3 months, after you pay the full price only according to our agreement.

You agree that we sell these products to you, to use them for a limited period of time, for personal use only, accompanied by a non-exclusive and non-transferable license.

You are not allowed to change, modify, re-sell, rent, reproduce, copy, and enhance these products without our written agreement.

Our products, being digital, are sold to you without any warranties. Therefore, it is your obligation that you understand the purpose, and status of product before you pay for it.

By paying for the product, you will automatically adhere to the Disclaimer and Privacy Policies. Therefore, we suggest that you read these policies very carefully. All these policies are located on our website.


When you buy a service including coaching, mentoring, counselling, training, hypnotherapy, therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, time line therapy, thought field therapy, and autogenic training, you must accept and agree that there is no any trying period after you pay for the service.

However, we’ll provide you with a free introductory session, including a demo sample, of 20 minutes, at your request, when you intend to buy a service, before paying for the service.

By paying for the service, you will demonstrate your consent with the “no refunding clause”.

You will agree that we will start the provision of the service to you after you pay the full price only, according to the agreement between you and us.

You will agree that there will not be any refund for the sessions you already attended. Also, there is no refund for a session already started that you interrupted it and left it.

Sessions scheduled but not attended are fully charged like attended sessions. You can reschedule a session by giving us 24 hours written notice.

We will provide you a refund for the unattended sessions after the application of a 10% administration fee to the total amount corresponding to unattended sessions. Example for 10 unattended sessions.

  1. Total amount for 10 unattended sessions =        $500
  2. Total administration fee =                                       $500 x 10% = $50
  3. Refund =                                                                   $500 – $50 = $450  

The length of a session is maximum 45 minutes.  We suggest you start on time in order for you to attend the whole session, from the scheduled start to the scheduled finish. If you start late, your session will still be completed at the initial scheduled finish.

Our services are sold to you without any warranties, and promise of any success. It depends on you how successful you are at the end of service. Your success will be insured by doing all assignments, tests, and by the length of practice time. You are the one doing the work. We cannot do the work for you. Therefore, you must agree to take responsibility and accountability for your preparation, and success. Therefore, you should be able to ascertain your possibility of success before you buy the service.

By paying for a service, you will automatically adhere to the Disclaimer and Privacy Policies. Therefore, we suggest that you read these policies very carefully. All the policies are located on our website.


The minimum age of people allowed to access our products and services is 18. Also, all information and content on this website is intended for individuals over the age of 18. You also need to have the legal authority to agree with the contents of this document.

If you are considered a minor after you are 18 in your country of origin, please do not access the contents of our website, and do not attempt to buy any product and service from us. Please contact us to one of our business emails shown at the end of this policy to clarify your situation and provide you with a solution.


You agree to wave your rights that may allow you to generate any legal claims in relation to the contents of the website and purchased products and/or services.

However, in the case of any claims and/or disputes between you and us you must interpret these terms and conditions as produced according to the regulations and the guidelines existing in the state of Victoria, Australia.

In case of any claims or disputes between you and us you agree to resolve them between us or by mediation. You agree to pay for the total cost of mediation.

If it’s not possible to obtain an amicable agreement directly between us or by mediation, then you submit any claims in a court of law located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia only.


All the contents of our website, the products and services are owned by us being protected by Australian and International Copyright, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property Laws. Exception is made in relation to the contents coming from other websites, organisations, and other authors.

You are allowed to print my own content for your own use, for educational and informational purposes, and for non-commercial purposes only, providing that you do not break any Australian and International Copyright, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property Laws. However, you are not allowed to sell, rent, commercialise, transmit, email, post, copy, and modify any of my contents, and products without my written permission.


We will store affiliate marketing links on our website with the purpose for advertising other people products and services. Obviously, we will benefit from these affiliate links. You agree that we are not responsible for the contents of these links. When you click on such a link you develop a direct relationship with the provider of the link.

In these cases, the provisions of these current terms and conditions are not applicable anymore.

You will deal directly with the link provider that will be responsible for the content, products, services, and correctness of the information, and you will take all the risks, and pay for damages arising from this relationship, and from using their products, and services advertised on my website through their links.

Please be aware that we cannot interfere in any way in the relationship and transactions between you, and the advertisers.

You agree that you take full responsibility when you use these products, services, and the associated information.


 You agree that my business, I, and my employees will not be made liable at any point in time for any damage, including direct, indirect, punitive, and consequential, that may arise from your use of my website, blog posts, products, and services. In this respect you also agree that you will not hold us liable for any issue with your business performance, including loss of profits, loss of revenue, non-achievement of ROI, data, and money. You will also take the risk for using my website, blog posts, products, and services.

You have to concur that we should not be made liable for the content of my website, including pages, posts, shop, products, services, digital products, and training courses. You have to understand that using this content you take the total risk coming with the usage of the contents of my website, including products, services, digital products, and training. You will take full responsibility, and accountability for any damages you may suffer when applying the contents of my website, my posts, my products, my services, my digital products, and my training courses. These issues will include the following aspects: (1) errors, (2) omissions, (3) delays in implementation, (4) performance, (5) interruptions in the website functionality, (6) viruses, (7) system failures, (8) loss of income, (9) loss of profits, (10) non-achievement of your Return on Investment (ROI), (11) non-achievement of your Benefit-Cost indicators, (12) non-achievement of all your planned indicators, and (13) non-achievement of all your implicit and explicit requirements. We do not provide to you any guarantees, or promises of any kind.


You will totally indemnify and hold us and our successors harmless from any issues including losses, damages, overbudget expenses, your attorney’s fees, because of your staff actions, inactions, omissions, and negligence, arising from your breach of these terms and conditions, wrong interpretation of my blog posts and incorrect usage of my products and services.

You agree to totally indemnify and hold us harmless from all other kind of damages, your total incurred expenses, loss of income, all kind of losses, and lawyers and other law workers’ fees.

You also agree that in situations when you may claim any liability from us and our successors you will fully collaborate with us, without any expense request, until total clarification of the claims.


Our entire agreement consists of the current Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer Policy.

This agreement is applicable to my website contents, blog posts, products, and services.


It is possible that a court may find parts of the agreement as invalid, and unenforceable. This may be because of unforeseen omissions, or wrong viewpoints. In these cases, the rest of the document will endure.


You will prove your acknowledgement, acceptance and adherence to these Terms and Conditions when requesting us information through your email, by subscribing to our website, by commenting on our website, by purchasing an item from us, or by enrolling to our training courses. Therefore, we urge you to read these terms and conditions on our website any time when you initiate or take any actions related to the content of my websites.


For any questions and /or suggestions please send us an email to one of our business emails. I’ll do my best to come up with an answer within 24 hours.




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